Stop Secretive Surveillance (SB 1186)

Author: Senator Jerry Hill

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Cameras on a stop signal poll.

Californians deserve a voice and a seat at the table when it comes to law enforcement’s acquisition of surveillance technologies. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case in California, where law enforcement’s use of this technology invades our private lives and has played a nefarious role in the federal government’s racist deportation campaign that's tearing California families apart. It’s time to bring transparency, oversight, and accountability for law enforcement’s use of technologies – such as drones, social media surveillance, and license plate readers – which allow police to track and even detain us as we go about our daily lives.

SB 1186 restores power to local communities and makes sure our voices are heard. SB 1186 requires public debate and a vote by local elected leaders prior to law enforcement’s acquisition of new surveillance technology. The bill also requires written rules for existing surveillance technology in order curtail the possibility of civil liberties and civil rights abuses by local law enforcement. With SB 1186, California can finally say no to an intrusive police presence and the secretive surveillance that enables it.

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Take action: Urge California assemblymembers to pass a strong SB 1186 to rein in secret and discriminatory surveillance



 Assembly Appropriations Committee - Held


Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee - Approved


Assembly Public Safety Committee - Approved


Senate Floor - Passed


Senate Appropriations Committee - Approved


Senate Judiciary Committee - Approved


Senate Public Safety Committee - Approved