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Economic Justice

The ACLU works to defend economically disadvantaged people and fights income-based discrimination in the criminal justice and public benefits systems, and in housing and employment. Economic justice is a civil right.

Judge banging gavel on a pile of money.

Victory: California Chief Justice ends "bail for trial... Read more

Daniel Lawrence

Fighting for homeless rights in Tulare. Read more

Homeless people's stuff being destroyed in Fresno

Class action settlement for hundreds of Fresno's homeless... Read more

We are the 99% lawn sign.

Would you pay a hefty fee to communicate with neighbors? Read more

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ACLU members rally at the CA State Capitol 2017
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A group of 13 people stands outside the hearing room of the State Water Resources Control Board, ready to provide public comment on the contaminant 1,2,3-TCP
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“On behalf of myself and my 17-year-old daughter that I’m raising and my mother, who recently passed away – we’ve been drinking contaminated water for some time now. I live on a fixed budget. I don’t make more than $600 a month, and I pay out about... Read more »
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ACLU of California activists at the State Capitol - April 2017
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