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We can be pretty sure that each new day will bring two things: new threats to our civil liberties, and new stories of people standing up for their rights and winning. Behind every court ruling is a person. Behind every landmark law is a movement. Read the stories and hear the voices that ground our work.

50 Years After MLK’s Assassination, We Remain Two Societies, ‘Separate and Unequal’

Apr 04, 2018
On April 4, 1968, I was 11 and growing up in Memphis when the news came that Martin Luther King had been murdered. My parents couldn’t hide how bad it was – they were angry. They were afraid. And most memorably to my childhood self, they were crying. I couldn’t articulate it at the time, but I know now that I was afraid that killing the dreamer could kill the dream.Exactly one year earlier, in a s... Read More

After the Facebook Privacy Debacle, It’s Time for Clear Steps to Protect Users

Mar 23, 2018
We learned last weekend that a trove of personal information from 50 million people — one in three U.S. Facebook users — was harvested for an influence and propaganda operation led by Cambridge Analytica, a company later used by the Trump campaign. Was Facebook hacked? Nope. All of this personal information was accessed through the Facebook “app gap,” a major privacy hole in Facebook’s app platfor... Read More

Cultural Incompetence: My Son was Kicked out of Class Because of His Hair

Mar 08, 2018
When my son recently brought home a certificate for making honor roll at his middle school, I was so proud. That quickly faded the next day when I received several calls from my child informing me that he had been pulled out of class. Because of his hair.My 14-year-old son’s Tenaya Middle School teacher sent him to the vice principal for his hairstyle on a Friday. He was told he had to get it “fix... Read More