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As part of our work, the ACLU of Northern California issues reports, position papers and advocacy materials that study and note developments in civil liberties. Below is a listing of our publications.

Bullies in Blue

Bullies In Blue: Origins and Consequences of School Policing

Apr 12, 2017
Like many teenage boys, Nathan and Caleb, 14- and 16-year-old brothers who were students at Clarkston High School in rural Washington, liked to play pranks. At least they did until an incident at school landed both boys with felony charges. One morning the boys were in the same class with a substitute teacher watching a movie when they remembered the small bottles of fart spray they had with th... Read More
prop 47

Prop 47 Toolkit

Apr 19, 2016
One year ago, 60% of California voters passed Proposition 47, which changed six petty drug and theft offenses from felonies to misdemeanors and mandated that savings from reduced incarceration be invested in communities. In passing Prop 47, voters sent a strong message that it’s time for California to shift gears from the expensive, one-size-fits-all approach of incarceration toward smarter approa... Read More
Reproductive Health Behind Bars in California

Reproductive Health Behind Bars in California

Jan 14, 2016
California jails are required by law to protect the reproductive health of the people in their care. But across the state, we’re seeing that accessing reproductive health care becomes a frightening and traumatic experience for incarcerated people. A report by the ACLU of California, “Reproductive Health Behind Bars in California,” found that jails are putting people’s health at risk by denying, de... Read More
Marijuana Policy Forum

Pathways Report: Policy Options for Regulating Marijuana in California

Jul 21, 2015
Executive summary The question of whether or not California should legalize adult use of marijuana beyond medical purposes is gaining increased attention by voters and policymakers in California. Four states and the District of Columbia have voted to legalize recreational marijuana use, and each offers important lessons for California. But there are circumstances that are unique to our state th... Read More
Breaking Down Educational Barriers for California's Pregnant & Parenting Students

Breaking Down Educational Barriers for California's Pregnant & Parenting Students

Feb 09, 2015
Pregnant and parenting students in California and throughout the United States have a right to the same educational opportunities as other students. They are protected from discrimination and harassment and may not be excluded from classes or extracurricular activities because they are pregnant or have children. But students’ lived experiences do not reflect these protections. In fact, pregnant an... Read More
Stingrays: The most common surveillance tool the government won't tell you about

STINGRAYS: The Most Common Surveillance Tool the Government Won't Tell You About

Jun 24, 2014
Federal and state law enforcement entities across the country are using a powerful cell phone surveillance tool commonly referred to as a “StingRay.”  These devices are capable of locating a cell phone with extraordinary precision, but to do so they operate in dragnet fashion, scooping up information from a target device, as well as otherwireless devices in the vicinity.  In addition, th... Read More
DA Sheriff Voter Toolkit

Voter Toolkit: DAs & Sheriffs Report to You

Mar 05, 2014
Question: Who are the most powerful elected officials most voters have never voted for? Answer: Your district attorney & sheriff. They speak for you, but what are they saying on these issues? Download this voter toolkit and vote on June 3. Read More
Metadata Piecing Together a Privacy Solution report cover

Metadata: Piecing Together a Privacy Solution

Feb 27, 2014
Our new policy paper, Metadata: Piecing Together a Privacy Solution, examines how outdated laws and new technologies combine to put personal privacy at risk and proposes a way forward to ensure that sensitive data of any type gets the protection it deserves. Read More