student walking down an aisle in the library

Education Equity

The Education Equity team’s foremost priority is to ensure that all students receive an excellent education, particularly Black, Indigenous, and other students, including disabled students, who have traditionally been marginalized and under-resourced.

We recognize that Latine students, who comprise a majority of California’s students in grades K-12, are consistently racialized as a group despite tremendous diversity in language, ethnicity, race, and national origin, and that the needs of Latine students are also ignored and sidelined. Over the past several decades, we have been at the forefront of education advocacy in California, fighting for increased supports for students and to vastly increase funding to traditionally under-served and marginalized school communities; to dismantle law enforcement and surveillance structures that shunt students of color and students with disabilities into the school-to-prison/deportation pipeline, and to invest in alternative discipline structures in schools that lead to transformative justice rather than pushing students out.

We recognize that our public school education system often serves the goals of racial oppression and colonization by embedding white supremacist ideologies into the structures and curriculum in schools and perpetuating intergenerational trauma. We center the demands of community-led movements and strive to partner with our community allies who represent impacted students and educators, to reimagine, redesign, and reinvest in a radically different education system where Black, Indigenous, Latine, other students of color, and disabled students are authentically supported; their experiences, culture and history are reflected; and their needs are prioritized.