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Privacy and Government Surveillance

Privacy is guaranteed under the California Constitution – including the right to be free from unwarranted government surveillance. Individuals, not the government or corporations, should determine how and when other people can access our personal information.

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ALPR by Tessa D'Arcangelew

SB 1186 can restores CA's power to fight secret surveillance... Learn more

analog vs. digital phone

CalECPA updates digital rights to keep up with modern world. Read More

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A Smart Surveillance guide for communities. Download

Facebook symbols: friend requests, message alerts, and notifications
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South by Southwest 2017
Police in riot gear, holding batons, on a California street
Donald Trump
man holds sign saying "Fascism is not our national policy yet"
Dataminr protest social media surveillance demo
Client in Gill v. DOJ case speaking at press conference
NSA headquarters
The family of Julia Harumi Mass at Heart Mountain internment camp in 1944