Gigi Harney

Creative Strategist

Gigi Harney is a Creative Strategist at the ACLU of Northern California, a role that encompasses graphic design, photography, editing, and strategy for public education materials.

Gigi combines a background in public policy and design for her work at the ACLU-NC. An award-winning writer and photographer, she holds an M.A. in Political Science and certificates in transatlantic studies and graphic design.

Serving as the Managing Editor of the ACLU News, Gigi produces the ACLU-NC’s quarterly membership newsletter. As the office’s in-house graphic designer, she creates materials that reach people across California; she’s especially proud of her work on Know Your Rights publications that educate Californians on their rights on subjects ranging from interactions with the police to student rights at school. She loves an excuse to pick up her camera, and telling the stories of ACLU activists and clients through photography.