Haley Kittleson headshot

Haley Kittleson (she/her)

Legal Policy Administrative Coordinator

Haley Kittleson is the legal-policy administrative coordinator at the ACLU of Northern California, where she splits her time between coordinating the department’s internship program, supporting the legal committee, and managing many of the department’s administrative systems and operations.

Prior to joining the ACLU, Haley was a technical litigation assistant at a plaintiff’s side complex litigation firm in Oakland, California. In this role, Haley developed mass client data management procedures for settling gig economy cases and wrote extensive documentation on various technical processes to aid efficient database management. Haley has also worked in multiple non-profits where she managed national gun reform data, performed environmental policy research, and developed skills in copywriting and podcast production.

Haley earned her B.A. in political science from UC Berkeley, and her A.A. in political science and contemporary dance performance at Santa Barbara City College. Throughout college, Haley worked as a professor’s assistant, managing multiple programs which took students to Sacramento, California, and Vienna, Austria, in order to expose students to domestic and international political institutions. She also volunteered at art galleries in both Berkeley and Santa Barbara to engage with the creativity of her community.

In her spare time, you will probably find Haley listening to music, going for a surf, finding a sunny spot to read her book, or spending time with her loved ones sharing lots of tasty food!